Bordeaux Giant Château Latour May Make Burgundy!

If you are familiar with French wine, you would know that Burgundy and Bordeaux wines never go hand in hand, and they are grown in the two eponymous regions of France. Each has its own charm, and those that like one usually does not like the other.

Thus, it comes to us as a surprise when a legendary Bordeaux wine maker discusses making Burgundy. Frédéric Engerer, Château Latour’s chief winemaker discussed Burgundy when he visited Hong Kong. Château Latour is known for its famous Bordeaux wine that was once the favourite of Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century.

The estate was developed way back in the 14th century, and till now it remains one of the more venerable institutions of wine making. Pleasure, structure, freshness which are the ideas behind a great wine remain the same no matter where the wine is grown or produced, according to Mr. Engerer.

The company’s wines cost between HK$398 to $1,545 a bottle, that is when the Burgundy would be created instead of the Bordeaux. Mr. Engerer revealed that it is a humbling experience to visit areas where wine is cheaper, considering how expensive the original Château Latour wines are.

Via: Wall Street Journal

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