Bold Chunky Necklaces by Elva Wheat Maynard

The necklaces and earrings that designer Elva Wheat Maynard creates are one of a kind. They are generally very different from the other designer stuff you see around. Her necklaces particularly are a gorgeous statement. In fact her Elva Fields Jewelry line are visually captivating. They are really stunning and the exotic designs have converted a lot of admirers to outright fans.

Some women have become avid collectors and buy any and every design of hers. But they sell out so fast you always miss out on some designs. Her Savor Sunrise Necklace that retails for $118 is a big hit. At first glance it may look fit for the summer but it’s coral tones and deep yellow hue compliments beiges and browns for the Fall. The Elva Fields line has three different collections Elva, June and Deb.

Her necklaces are large and bold and inspires women to create an ensemble around it. The chunky pieces exude a feminine and sophisticated feel. It attracts attention automatically. It doesn’t simply add to a look but actually creates and supports one. When you see the entire range of her necklace designs you will not think of the dress with which it will co-ordinate well but you would start designing the dress that can match it.

Via: Luxist

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