BMW and Audi Battle for the Ultimate Share in the Luxury Car Market

If BMW gives you the classic driving experience Audi gives more modern experience. Though Audi has battled to claim to be the ultimate sport car, BMW still remains ahead of rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Audi still is hoping and planning to overtake in the sale by 2015. Audi persists in its effort not to lag behind BNM right now, which has beaten its closest competitor Mercedes-Benz from 15,000 units.

Both BMW, Audi are engaged themselves to take the lead in the luxury car market, increasing the production, building more cars, and also expand the plants for further growth. German car makers have established their business with their increased deliveries in the US and China. So they rule the largest world markets whereas BMW records more sales, with a plant in Brazil, new factories in Russia, Turkey, India, and S. Korea.  It would be expanding its markets with its two new factories to have supremacy over Audi which has the goal to increase its global workforce. It employs about 60,000 people worldwide, 10,000 positions and plans for the coming decade, targeting U.S. sales of 200,000 cars.

BMW isn’t sitting idle with its hands tied. BMW has the goal of selling two million cars by 2020 annually. The company has created the “i” battery powered car with the aspiration of starting in 2013. The hybrid super car is also planned to launch. The model of sub-brand car will have the carbon fibre frame with BMW logo around which blue ring is displayed. The manufacturers of the company are also experimenting with short-term rentals and services related to transport.

Via: Businessweek

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