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Blackinet: A TV cabinet with “Mysterious” features

These days, consumers want home accessories that are cutting edge. This has pushed manufacturers to come out with gadgets that are more high-tech, with more features and user friendly at the same time. The Blackinet hope to achieve all that. With a “Mysterious” theme, the Blackinet conceals most of its features behind its lovely TV cabinet.

It comes with an electronic console of its own. So now the viewers can watch movies, listen to music directly from the TV cabinet. But that is not all. The make also includes photo slideshow frames, touchscreen control. The drawers are also touch sensitive, and the Ul is kinda similar to the Apple Macbook. Making sure that the users do not get intimidated by this new gadget, the Blackinet is provided with lights that help the user to know where to slide the fingers for the various functions.

The Blackinet supports Blu-Ray, DVD, CD and wireless connections. You can easily connect to your iPod dock, the USB port, and wireless bluetooth and Wi-Fi. No word on the exact price as yet, but my guess is that it would somewhere be around $5000- $6000. But it could easily exceed that.

Via: Coroflot

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