Black Tomato Launches An All New Adventurous Service Called, Epic Tomato

One of the foremost travel arrangement experts in the industry, Black Tomato, a company that bedazzled the 21st century travelers with its unique packages, covering some of the most scenic locations in the world, has now introduced an all new travel service called, Epic Tomato. The purpose of Epic Tomato is to cater to the craving of travelers who look for something more than relaxation in a vacation, specifically adventure. Black Tomato has been well known for its choices of destinations such as Belgrade, the Carpathian mountains and Bhutan, that though are featured in various books, but are seldom on the itineraries of the conventional travelers.

The all new Epic Tomato aims at providing the adventure thirsty tourists with an action packed adventure experience, conducted in some of the remotest regions of the globe and the packages offered to the travelers are divided into five categories namely, Polar, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, and River. These daunting and highly demanding vacation packages will be conducted on a four to 21 days of duration and the expeditions will be commandeered by expert guides, some of whom have SAS experience, the elite British special forces outfit, that is renowned all over the world for operating in some of the most inhospitable terrains across the globe, with a brutal and unforgiving survival training process. Some of the locations beings offered in the adventure packages by Epic Tomato include, Apolobamba mountain range in Bolivia, the Dogon region in Mali, Star Mountains of Papua New Guinea, the Mosquito Coast of Honduras, and East Greenland.

The adventure vacations offered by Epic Tomato carry a substantial starting price tag of an astounding $9660 for a 14 day trip to Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain and Duke of York Islands,  a 21-day trek in Tibet and Nepal and eight days in Chilean Patagonia. The premium vacation packages offered by this new and unique service include a 12 day expedition to the Ellesmere Island in Canada for whopping $108,720.

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