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Bergmonch: Backpack bicycle perfect for those who wish to scale new heights!

Ergonomics and multitasking is the essence of design in modern times. Gadgets are aimed at being sleek, sturdy, compact and are expected to posses an ability to offer a lot more than what conventionally is expected out of them. The Backpack bicycle idea falls exactly in such a category. Stylish, cool and perfect for the modern mountaineer and adventure sport lover, the Bergmönch is a bicycle that can be folded up into a backpack in a mere matter of two minutes. Once on your back it is easy to carry, light and allows for free movement.

Once you are on top and wish to go downhill on the bicycle all you need to do is swing it back out and you are all set to experience mountain biking without ever having to pedal up. Just enjoy the trip powered by gravity as Bergmönch allows you to both kneel back and swoop forward with ease for control and balance. Light yet very sturdy and dependable, Bergmönch was designed by Vaude Carry System.

Sporting a completely hand-built full suspension Aluminum 7005 frame, adjustable airshock, lightweight swing arm and triple-hardened tubes the Bergmönch weighs 9 kg. Priced at € 1.499 the backpack bicycle opens up new avenues for adventure sport enthusiasts who might have previously not taken to cycling on the rough terrain as they were hesitant to carry their bikes uphill… Cool and convenient indeed.

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