Belgrade Tourist Organization to Launch Ad Campaign in Berlin Airport Promoting Serbia as a Luxury Destination

While Belgrade had been cut off from the rest of Europe for more than 2 decades, and even before so the city has slowly begun to become part of the larger European arena. The recent visa liberalization for Serbia has entitled Serbs to travel across Europe freely and Europeans to travel in Serbia and in Belgrade freely. This has resulted travel agents and Belgrade Tourist Organization to work together and promote Belgrade as a city of exotic appeal.

It has now been agreed that Belgrade would be advertised in Berlin Airport from this spring as a city destination for short trips. Thanks to low cost fliers, many people have now begun to see Belgrade as an alternative destination for partying and also to enjoy luxury at a lower price. The price of an all inclusive vacation in Belgrade may cost Europeans just 198 EUR to 270 EUR.

The director of the Belgrade Tourist Organization, Jasna Dimitrijević reveals that restaurants, cafes and clubs, museums, boat and cycling sightseeing tours would be organized by the Belgrade Tourist Organization in order to attract the Euro. Looks like the Serbian capital would seen be a luxury destination for it has its share of spas and clubs.


Via: Glass Rbije

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