Beijing Plans Another 7 Star Hotel in Collaboration With Saudi Arabia

The officially recognized international body that awards ratings to hotels does not have provisions for ratings above five star. So what do the hotels do who provide amenities and services beyond the criteria laid down for a five star rating? They award themselves a seven star rating. Dubai’s Burj Al Arab and Beijing’s Pangu are self proclaimed 7Star Hotels. And China has decided to build another 7 Star Hotel near Beijing.

The Location for the new project has been finalized. The site is in western Beijing’s Mentougou district some 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the Chinese capital’s centre. The choice of the site for such a prestigious and luxurious project has surprised many. The area is basically rural and fairly underdeveloped. Perhaps the authorities feel that the project will bring development to the area.

The ambitious project has been undertaken in collaboration with Saudi Arabia. The estimated cost of the project is $1.3 billion and the Saudi collaborators are expected to come up with the entire funding for the project. Other financial details are not available at the moment but the hotel would be modeled after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. At 828 meters it is the tallest building in the world. No one, though was willing to confirm the height of the proposed structure.

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