Baxter celebrating with the newfangled men’s razor

We say that old is gold but behind every saying there is a reason of being and what is most important is the comfort of some particular design which might as well bring us back to some old school design which respects comfort. Baxter of California knows what men want when it comes to the grooming bit for men so it came with its new straight razor.

We have seen it all from the latest electric shavers to the all sorts of brand to a straight blade and whatnot. Nevertheless there’s nothing that replace the obvious idealistic and old-style shaving with a straight razor. And so Baxter of California comes with this novelty, not so, since it’s keeping the old school design in its luxury way for men who deserves and want perfection.

For its 45th anniversary Baxter the men’s grooming label is celebrating with this meticulous replica, made by Hart Steel out of pure delicate black steel.  This little masterpiece, mind you, a 14-karat gold engrave and enclosed in a custom horse-hide sleeve from Makr which embellish this black beauty. The unique edition of only $345 will set you aback, but obviously it’s a keeper and you’ll want to budget a little more for the perfect shave.

The luxurious world does go far and beyond when it comes to sumptuousness but what is more pleasing is the very fact that even though how innovating world we have achieved a good design still lies on not so much of complication.

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