Baselworld 2010: Urwerk Will Cease the Evolution of UR-103

Urwerk‘s founders, master-watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and artist-designer Martin Frei knew way back in 2003 that they wanted to create a watch that was postmodern to say the least. They wanted to design a watch that was totally 21st century and also something that would create the complications of tomorrow instead of copying what was done in history.

That quest resulted in the UR-103 2which was exhibited at Baselworld 2003. Now after 7 years, they have stopped the production of this wonderful watch. Instead, you will get to see the UR-103T “Shining T” or the Mexican Fireleg.

It would be limited to only 60 pieces and would come with 18k gold treated with Aluminium, Titanium, Nitride. ARCAP P40 bridge, titanium Geneva crosses, orbital cross in ARCAP P40 and our satellites crafted from transparent sapphire arte some of the cool features that you would get to see on the UR-103T “Shining T”.

However, the 103 collection will no more be developed and its evolution will come to a stop. This perhaps was the best way to make sure the classical watch would remain at the top, even till its end.

Baselworld 2010 is scheduled from 18-25 March.

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