Baselworld 2010: Maurice Lacroix to Announce Pontos Décentrique Phases de Lune

Pontos Décentrique Phases de Lune is yet another stylish watch being unveiled by Maurice Lacroix. He shall reveal the watch at the Baselworld 2010 which would take place very soon.

It can be translated in to English from French as “Phases of the Moon”. The watch is unique and comes with an off-centre dial to the left. There is also a black-and-white representation of the sky. It changes the display based on the position of the moon.

According to the lunar times, it changes display at At 10:00, 4:00, and 6:00. This is a highly creative watch and is quite unconventional, and perhaps that is why it has already garnered a lot of press attention. Only 500 of these wonderful watches would ever be manufactured and there is no information about its price or availability.

Moreover, there isn’t much information about how the watch actually works and what are its specifications. Perhaps since it is a Maurice Lacroix piece, we should know that it would be really fashionable and artistic. Of course, technology would never be compromised, but it would just look minimalist.

Baselworld 2010 is scheduled from 18-25 March.

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