Baselworld 2010: Fabergé to Unveil Agathon M1131 Worth $42,000

Fabergé luxury company is known for their ultimate luxury products and is patronized by royal families, oil rich tycoons and businessmen. Of course how could we forget about all those dazzling celebrities and pop stars? The company is known for their products that come with Gold, diamonds, and leather. This time around, Fabergé Luxury Company has unveiled the Agathon M1131 which is a really cool and elegant watch.

In fact, it is one such watch which only the richest of the rich would want to buy. The case itself comes with a dazzling 80 diamonds (0.8 ct). There is also the white gold and blue sapphire cabochon which makes you scream out for more. The Agathon M1131 is Hand-enamelled in white gold and costs a whopping $42,000.

You would get to buy in Neiman Marcus and only 10 of these watches would ever be manufactured which means it is a really exclusive watch. Yo9u should be really lucky to get a hold of this watch, and I would not blame you if you beg, borrow or steal. It is worth doing anything! Think about all the jewels in it!

Baselworld 2010 is scheduled from 18-25 March.