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Baselworld 2010: Christophe Claret Announces $500,000 DualTow NightEagle

Manufacture Chrisophe Claret is one of the most important watch companies in the world and they have tirelessly contributed to the world of Horology and precision engineering for the past 20 years. They are so exclusive that only a select few special connoisseurs know about them and everyone doesn’t.

They are quite well known among the closed circuits for their orbital tourbillion and the roller-display perpetual calendar. The new DualTow NightEagle from Christophe Claret costs $500,000 and is certainly not for someone who is budget conscious. It comes in an all black version and has the kind of design that would remind you of B2 Stealth Bomber.

Thanks to stealth-style shape, angular lugs and tinted sapphire bridges it really looks impressive and is no ordinary Horological machine. The watch comes with 582 parts, 73 jewels and a 50-hour power reserve.

There is also the belt drive system which is not usually seen in today’s watches. It would be displayed at the Baselworld 2010 in Switzerland, and has already become the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. If you have that kind of money, you really should go ahead and get yourself one!

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