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Baselworld 2010: CASIO G-Shock Watch Design Comes with Kyocera Ruby

Baselworld 2010 will happen in just a day or so, and the whole world is waiting for all the wonderful watches that would be released. One of the most expected watches is the CASIO G-Shock Watch Design which would apparently come with Kyocera Corporation’s Recrystallized Ruby. This is the first time it is being employed in a watch and it is a synthetically produced gemstone but is identical to naturally occurring gemstones.

What you really need to get for yourself is the limited-edition model MR-G, the highest-end series in Casio Computer’s shock-resistant G-Shock brand watches. The watch would almost be a jewel and is going to be one of the best offerings from Japan.

There is no information about how much the watch might cost and when it would be available but we shall have to wait for a while and see what other information would be revealed at the Baselworld 2010. I am sure most watch connoisseurs would be eager to learn more about this and other watches, which would be unveiled at the Baselworld 2010. Isn’t it amazing?

Baselworld 2010 is scheduled from 18-25 March.

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