Bang & Olufsen Introduces An All New Luxury Audio System For Aston Martin One-77

One of the most well renowned names in high end audio equipment, Bang & Olufsen, has now introduced yet another remarkable and extremely stylish in-car audio system for the all new Aston Martin One-77 luxury sports car. The luxury audio company has been in partnership with Aston Martin for quite some time and has been designing some of the most exquisite audio systems for the luxury cars from Aston Martin. However, the audio system for the One-77, carries an unmatched elegance, that is now being considered as Bang & Olufsen’s pinnacle in design and engineering. The One-77, which is nearly all made of carbon fiber has been neatly integrated with the woofers and subwoofers of the system and the speakers provide crystal clear audio, thanks to the genius placing of the speakers in the vehicle.

The loudspeakers for this larger than life audio system for the One-77 are made from Neodymium and covered with grilles made from aluminum, that have been designed to enable the speakers to output enhanced performance, while elevating the aesthetics of the One-77. However, the most alluring feature of this incredible audio system is the automatic uplifting of the tweeters, whenever the sound system is switched on. The woofer and subwoofer of the audio system are powered by the Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary ICEpower technology with an output of an ear shattering 750W of unadulterated sound.

According to Bjarne Sørensen (Director, Concept & Technology, Bang & Olufsen Automotive),

“What we have done is to produce 77 car sound systems with the same processes and meticulous attention to detail, as if we should do a one-off concept car for a motor show.”

Via Classic Driver

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