Backes & Strauss’ Piccadilly Princess Watch Could Cost $1 Million

The other day I wrote about how hedge funds were looking at high-end collectible watches as niche investment areas. And funds like Precious Time may be on the right track here. At the same time, not everyone is looking at luxury timepieces as an investment option. For most people, luxury watches are the stuff of aspirations. And most people who slip a great-looking, extravagantly priced watch on to their wrist are simply looking to make a style statement.

The Piccadilly Princess from London watch makers Backes & Strauss falls into the latter category. Backes & Strauss is known for its exquisite use of large diamonds in its luxury watch designs. The Piccadilly Princess is decorated with 327 ideal cut diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say. So the Piccadilly Princess should be nothing short of a dream come true for any woman. Here is a watch that literally brings out the princess in you.

The Piccadilly Princess is available in two versions – an 18k white gold version and a rose gold version. 27 diamonds sparkle from the bezel on the round casing. Even the dial is a happy sprinkle of diamonds with mother of pearl being used for the Roman numerals and the center. The bracelet is four strands of diamonds set in gold. It gets even more lavish with a platinum rotor and Swiss automatic movement on the inside. In case you were counting, this extravagant luxury watch boasts of 23.34k of stones. The price could be close to $1,000,000.

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