Ash Cloud Casts a Dark Shadow on Local Business and Economy in UK

The volcanic eruption in Iceland and ash cloud which still looms large has cast a dark shadow on the local economy and travel business in UK and rest parts of the Europe. The airports across UK and Europe have shut down and this has not only led to travel chaos but also to cancellation of important business meetings and delayed deals and contracts. Business Councils of small counties like Devon and Cornwell have started counting business losses and the estimate has already run into eight million pounds. Delay of each day will only add up the costs and with no signs of skies clearing up on weekend situation looks very grim.

Apart from holidaymakers, businesses delegates are more frequent elite travelers and now with flights grounded all schedules have gone haywire. With most business delegates cancelling business class travel and luxury hotel bookings and opting to travel by road or rail, Exerter Airport at Davos is empty. Some travelers who are stranded have extended their holidays and are soaking in more leisure and luxury of UK. This chaos and uncertainty will make a great impact on overall economy and travel industry in particular, it might take months to recover the losses.  It is one of the extraordinary situations and there is no other option but to wait for volcanic eruptions to end and ash clouds to clear.



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