Artist Crafts Louis Vuitton Bags Into Animal Sculptures In New York

Who would think that Louis Vuitton handbags could be transformed into pop art, and a playful sort of pop art at that? If you happened to be walking past Louis Vuitton’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City, chances are that you would have been stopped in your tracks, for displayed in the window is not your usual Louis Vuitton gear. Well, not at first sight at least. A menagerie of animals, crafted out of Louis Vuitton bags, currently populates the 5th Avenue store’s window.

There is a rooster and a snake, an otter, a cat and a chameleon, an owl and a rabbit and more. These are not examples of high-level fine art. Instead, these animal sculptures that adorn the Louis Vuitton window are fun, playful and sure to make you stop to have a look. If you have company, I am pretty sure, you will end up spending a happy few minutes debating over whether the squirrel is indeed a squirrel or whether the rooster is the best sculpture of the lot.

The artist who crafted these animals out of Louis Vuitton bags is Billie Achilleos, a very talented young woman who was commissioned by Chameleon Visual to create these unique masterpieces. Achilleos has been working across several media including film and theatre. She calls the handbag animals her “couture creatures”. Apparently, she went about each sculpture by asking herself what animal each bag resembled most. Sounds easy enough, but the sculptures are really detailed. I would not be surprised if the fashion house decided to sell them as collectibles in the near future.


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