With Economic Downturn Looming, Art is the New Luxury Investment Plan

An art lover always understands the subtlety of the art, but an art investor should be aware of the horizons of purchasing and maturing time of art. Lo, leading art collector of Hong Kong’s jewelry designer and writer has loaded her house with painting, carvings, and furniture including 20thcentury Wu Guanzhong’s Grand Canyon.   Invest on alternative assets such as luxury automobile jets gems stamps, watches wine, other memorabilia as there are the items of limited supply, which would result in strong demand for affluent Asian collectors. Tony Miller, collector of scholars’ objects said that one should collect what others are not collecting.

The art market has become the centre place in Hong Kong as the turnover of auction market is skyrocketed with three hundred percent in last year. The younger generation also has entered into the main stream of investing on luxury art collectibles. Asian art market is firmly fixed by Sotheby’s and Christie’s. With the purchasing power of Chinese millionaires increasing, Hong Kong has turned as an art sale centre of the globe. Ink brush paintings of the master, Qi will be sold for millions of dollars.

Vulnerability of art market even shocked many in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman brothers, still wealth accumulation flowing into the alternative investments such as wine and art which removes counter party. The strong appeal in collecting rare coins, art or wine is in one’s enjoyment with business attraction. As investment in real estate and housing being unattractive,  you may prefer  for personal enjoyment as well as  business purpose which encourages  to  collect art, wine or rare coins. Alternative investments remove counter-party risk.

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