Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Foursquare, Attracts the Cream As Well

Luxury and Arnold Schwarzenegger do not have much in common. Moreover, the guy is not really liberal and thus has a lot of issues with minorities of all kinds.

Now, he has officially advertised on his Twitter account that he is on Foursquare. Foursquare is a social network that lets you connect people based on your whereabouts. While this may be scary for some people, it also could be a great way to make sure that your loved ones and dear ones are always tracked.

Coming back to Arnie, this only proves that if you are a high flyer, it is better to be on Foursquare for when you travel a lot it would be great for your friends and families to know where exactly you are. This is a great service which has quite been ignored by the mainstream social media, until Arnie spoke about it on Twitter.

His page on Foursquare now has more than 1000 followers and the numbers only growing. Perhaps it is the time when luxury would meet social networking, and there is a great reason to believe that people would actually start using services such as this. I would so love to register on the site myself, if only I were not so concerned about my privacy.

Via: Mashable


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