Are Diamonds Really Forever? James Bond Thinks So, in this Poster

We all know how famous the Bond movies were sometime back. Actually a few decades ago. With the advent of better movies, and better direction, the James Bond movies are almost out of fashion and no one really bothers about them anymore. Moreover, I personally feel James Bond was a sexist male chauvinist who thought he was just too cool, but sadly was not, in spite of all his theatrics.

Of course, what can you expect from movies that are made for the masses! If you are old enough, you would remember that Sean Connery was very famous for his role in Diamonds are Forever, which was a James Bond movie, back in 1971. Rober McGinnis had painted an original art work about the movie, actually a movie poster and that was also famous for spelling Lana Wood’s name wrong in the poster.

Now, that poster with the spell error is being sold at Christie’s in South Kensington. The poster would go for auction on the 11th of June and I am not sure how much one needs to pay for this poster. however, I am darned sure that there would be many dimwits who would actually pay a fortune to get this faded poster that shows a rather boring Sean Connery posing and posturing like he is some kind of macho stud. Well, he is an old, old man now and back then too, he was an old man. By the way, why are James Bonds always in their 50s or 60s or older?

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