AquaVenture Unveils Personal Subs for the Uber-rich

You can fulfill your adventurous spirit with a personal submarine, if you are ready to loosen your purse. US-based company AquaVenture has recently introduced its new version SeaBird submarine which does not rely on any engine to travel through water. It doesn’t have a propulsion system of its own. It relies on a different approach and you must be wondering how could it be possible but well, all credits go to another vessel.

A boat is attached on the surface of SeaBird through a four hundred feet long cable and is drawn along with it. As it need not relay on its own engine, it can travel 40 miles per hour, which is faster than the other personal subermersible vessels.   It should not be caught while being towed in between the cables. The SeaBird will accommodate two passengers, if towing vessel stops or discontinued from the seabird, positive buoyancy makes it float to the surface. The submarine rolls three hundred and sixty degree and climb and dive steeper. The base price of sea bird is $210,000.

US-based firm Aqua Venture SeaBird is certified to travel both above the surface and below the water at speeds of 22 knots. The vessel on the surface of SeaBird is attached and dragged around at a speed of twenty five miles per hour with the help of a four hundred feet length cable, which can operate at the depth of three hundred feet. The SeaBird also provides a dwelling atmosphere for 24-72 hours. Without its own propulsion system, the SeaBird will be cost less than the most personal submarines on the market.



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