Aquaminium Inspired by James Bond Available in Phuket

Gulu Lalvani, the noted property developer claims that he has created the term Aquaminium  to describe an apartment complex on the water, particularly one with an indoor parking garage for a boat. At the Royal Phuket Marina developed by Mr. Lalvani only two such garages are available with the Penthouses. The rest of the apartments have to be satisfied with outdoor docking stations.

The idea he says came from the James Bond movies where the agent 007 has to often make quick getaways even by a boat. In fact The Man With the Golden Gun was shot in the nearby island of Khoah Phing Kan which is popularly known as James Bond Island. The complex with a total of 22 units was completed last year in 2009. 14 units are already occupied the balance are priced up to $ 10.5 million.

Mr. Lalvani is already working on a second complex. Among the residents there are chief executives of industries from Hong Kong and Singapore, tycoons from Taiwan and an Englishman who does business in the region. They have not been able to attract buyers from the Mainland China so far. No doubt if you live there you would get to hobnob with the power folk.

Via: online.wsj

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