Apple iPad Catches Up With Hotels: The Top 10 Hotels That Offer iPad Services To Their Guests

The world of mobile computing was jolted to its very core, when the CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs, introduced the all new tablet device Apple iPad. Then on April 3rd, 2010, the world witnessed a mass celebration, tantamount to the New Year’s Eve spirit when the iPad was finally launched and became the a gadgets, that dreams are made of. The iPad has been considered to be an all in one platform for user who wish to accomplish their online activities while on the go and need to use a device that is lighter than a notebook and more user friendly than a smart phone. The sensation created by the iPad led to the sales of an astounding 1,000,000 iPad units in just one month.

Apple iPad has so far been seen in just about every sphere of personal and professional workspace and is fast becoming an indispensable tool for those seeking a reliable and highly efficient web enabled mobile platform. Now, it seems that, even the hospitality industry seems to be catching up with the iPad fever, as more and more hotels are now offering access to Apple iPad to their guests. Although, you might not be able to take on home, yet you can definitely enjoy the sights and sounds of this incredible machine while, you spend you vacations at these marvelous hotels.

Here is our pick of the Top Ten hotels in the world, that are now offering their guests with Apple iPad services.

  • The Ritz-Carlton Chicago (A Four Seasons Hotel): One of the most luxurious hotels in the world, The Ritz-Carlton Chicago (A Four Seasons Hotel), which was slated of a opening in May this year, after a $25 million renovation, is one of the hotels that has embraced the Apple iPad. The guests at the Ritz Carlton Chicago will be able to use the two iPads available to them for their personal use, as well as to leaf through the menus pictures of dishes of the hotel’s restaurant.
  • Hotel Indigo San Diego: At the Hotel Indigo San Diego, the guests will be give an unique opportunity to go through the three iPads available, two at the front desk and one at the hotel bar, where in the guests can then connect to the hotel’s Facebook and Twitter pages and seek recommendation from other users.
  • The Westin (New York Times Square): One of the most luxurious high end hotels in New York Times Square, The Westin Hotel is a remarkable combination of elegance and first rate hospitality. The Westin is now offering its guests, who will book the hotel atrium, the chance of using the iPad in the Atrium Club Lounge..
  • The Berkeley Hotel (London): One of the grandest most luxurious five star hotels in London, The Berkeley Hotel has now been given the gift of iPad, thanks to the efforts of the Applied Information Group (AIG). The iPad at this hotel will provided the guests with up to the minute information about the hotel’s activities and will also enable them to surf websites, approved by Berkeley as we all as major international newspapers.
  • The Iron Horse Hotel: Located in Milwaukee, the Iron Horse Hotel is regarded as the perfect combination of comfort and style offers exclusive high end services to its guests. This hotel has also adopted the Apple iPad as a virtual concierge service, where in the guests are now able to customize their stay at the venue, via the Manager of Desires program. Furthermore, the iPad will provide the guests with unique opportunity of adding themselves to the hotel’s VIP list.
  • Four Seasons Hotel (Washington D.C): The highly luxurious and revered hotel, Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C is well known for its luxurious interiors and highly acclaimed hospitality services. Now, this immensely famous hotel is famous for its association with the Apple iPad, wherein device now works in conjunction with the front desk and also acts as a catering manager. Furthermore, guests will be able to use this device for their personal use at the hotel’s Season restaurant.
  • The Charles Hotel: Apple iPad bodes incredibly well with the services offered by the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. This luxury hotel is currently planning to offer access to the iPad to its guests who book the Presidential Suite.
  • The Lenox: One of the most cherished hospitality institutions in Boston, The Lenox is known for its attention to detail, when it comes to hygiene and the health of its guests. This hotel is now moved on to the Apple iPad, that has now been made an integral part of the hotel’s concierge service, in an attempt to provide the guests with better services.
  • Anantara Phuket: The magic of the iPad isn’t only restricted to the U.S and Europe, as is evident in the case of Thailand’s major luxury hotel, Anantara Phuket. This international level hotel is offering its guests with an iPad for purely personal use. The guests of this institution can borrow the iPad and read newspaper websites, surf the web and can even book dive excursions to Similan islands.
  • Pavilion Hotel: Another addition to the growing number of upscale hotels in California, is the Pavilion Hotel, that is slated for a grand opening on May14th, 2010. This hotel is already advertising its affiliation with the Apple iPad and has announced that, the guests will be able to use the iPad along with complimentary Internet access to conduct their online activities, courtesy of the Pavilion Hotel.

The iPad is fast becoming an almost indispensable gadget, that almost every tech savvy individual can’t live without. Since, Apple Inc. is currently facing demand and supply issues with the iPad to the extent, that it has postponed the International launch of the device till the end of May, the idea of going to a vacation and being able to use this incredibly useful and heart warming mobile computing platform, seems to be too incredible to ignore.

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