Apartment Guide Helps US Buyers Purchase Luxury Homes

Apartment Guide is a media-related business which provides rental information through mobile phone, internet and print. With seventy seven publications it is accessible in entire US markets’. Once in a month the guides are published. The issues will be provided to apartment shoppers free of charge. The Guide ensures you the right direction. You could search thousands of floor plans, photos and apartments and the needed information. So get a solution through internet which provide amenity, price or geography and the directions are helpful to the renter in entire moving process. They focus on maintaining relationship with clients through multi-channel scheme.

A leading information source about apartments nationwide, Apartment Guide, is going to launch the “Night In or Night Out” Sweepstakes through Feb. 14 on Facebook. The participants could visit Facebook page for Apartment Guide to get an opportunity to win hundred dollar prizes for ideal night in or night out. The prizes will include movie subscription services, pizza delivery gift cards, dining gift certificates and theatre ticket.

The “Night In or Night Out” Sweepstakes is designed to reach consumers. Apartment Guide is taking advantages of preference of consumers for social media like post, comments and shares. Apartment Guide has generated 15,280-plus comments of consumers via bloggers’ content partnerships, nearly 3 million impressions from1, 100-plus Facebook posts, 2,200-plus Tweets, and non-Apartment Guide channels.

Programs like Night in or Night out Sweepstakes create awareness about Apartment Guide in new customers, with increased online presence enhances online renter’s experience with increasing the quality of AG’s leads.

Via: Businesswire

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