Antoine Arnault Takes Over Berluti, Bernard Moves Away

The man behind some of the world’s prestigious brands, Chief Executive and chairman, Bernard Arnault would move to make room for Antoine Arnault to take charge of the luxury footwear brand Berluti in the near future. Could the resigning of leadership position by Bernard Arnault is a sign of conflicts?

The nick name “The Pope of Fashion” shows his passion for luxury products which include the holdings like Vuitton, Hennessy, and DeBeers,etc. In spite of the denial of LVMH to take control of 173 year old Hermes, to get it materialized is not an easy task which was opposed by the Hermes family.

To maintain the growth of LVMH Arnault has had to push to various corners of the globe including remote places which are still left unexploited. Already expansion and opening of new stores in places like Dusseldorf, London, Paris, and New York are in the process this year. There is also a plan of an upcoming trip to Mongolia by Bernard Arnault to see the encouragement of Mongolian people in the shops.

His son Antoine Arnault would take the management and the leadership of the brand Berluti which deals with luxury footwear known for patterns and colours. Berluti is one of the less known, but one among several brands of LVMH, founded in 1895. He is one of the members of board directors LMVH since 2006.

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