Annette Carey Creates a Unique Dress with 1,200 Bic Pens to Celebrate their 60th Anniversary

Annette Carey is a designer known for her unusual experiments and unique creations. Her creations have been appreciated by celebrities and models alike. Seeing her extraordinary imagination and her skills as a designer, BIC Cristal commissioned her to create a special dress to celebrate their 60th anniversary. And as expected, she came up with a stunning dress and because it was to mark a special occasion it was made from a staggering 1,200 biros. Carey wanted to create something special with the pens and she feels she has succeeded.

Carey was speaking from her design studio in Butler’s Wharf, South East London. She was of the opinion that the dress would look perfect on eccentric pop star Lady Gaga. She explained that though the design was an experiment with the pens the size ten dress was perfectly wearable. The dress is a bit on the heavier side at 8lbs because of the 1,200 pens and almost 2,000 crystals that have been used artistically to embellish the exceptional creation. The process of making the unusual dress was not only tough but time consuming. They worked up to 13 hours a day to get the dress ready. Sewing all the Bic pens perfectly on the dress took 640 hours.

Carey was very happy to get the opportunity to work with BIC in creating this anniversary dress. She is satisfied with the result of her attempt to create something beautiful out of an everyday object. The dress which has been made out of 100% silk and tulle netting has been designed to be worn and will suit those with a bit of a wild and edgier side. The dress that cost £10,000 has been put up for display at the Inkspiration: Story of BIC Cristal exhibition at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, West London, for one month from April 1.

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