Anantara Resort in Bali Invites the Decadent to Experience Sensuality

You would never forget the unending fun Bali offers! The white sandy beach, hotels and resorts, guest houses, locations are the main attraction for the tourists in this magical, amazing, beautiful place. The people of the tiny island greets its guest warmly and is known for  its diversified, sophisticated and various art forms such as performing arts, wood carving, sculptures  enchanting music, are a few to mention.

Semiyak ,Ubad  and Jimbaran’s bay are the fascinating places for the tourists with natures grandeur such as rice paddies , rising sun, coconut garden and gentle sea breeze. You could relax in private a villa which offers all comforts of home.

If you are searching for mental peace, waves, and nature Seminyak in Bali is the right place. Beach is a very peaceful and quiet strip with clear blue waters. You could walk on the sand or swim or surf in the waters of exotic Bali. The picturesque beauty of its beach and nature’s tranquility is something which takes you to different realm. Anantara’s Bali resort at Seminyak is offers furnished 59 suites. You can explore the night life, elegant restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, experience of rich culture with local charm. You would never miss Balinese cuisine, seafood mingled with coconut and fruit, pancake flavoured with condensed milk and chocolate, tuna fish salad. You would relax with traditional spa treatment with aromatics, massage and wraps.

The Payogan Villa Resort and Spa is very closer to the town, overlooks the Oos River Valley. Guests could enjoy sensual massages, dining experience that tickle your taste buds and of course, some ranchy fun with the locals. Jimbaran’s five star beach resorts offer the warm hospitality which is an ideal vacational place. It is well known for its seafood restaurant, the beach for swimming and stunning sunset, which has the advantage of being closer to Semiyak.

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