AMET Plans to Launch Luxury Cruises from Chennai Soon!

Luxury cruises have started sailing on Indian ocean on trial basis and soon Chennai is expected to have fleet of luxury cruises plying between Chennai and Thirukonamalai in Sri Lanka. So, finally ultimate luxury holiday option of sailing oceans in luxury super cruises has arrived in a big way in India.! The AMET group is all set to launch luxury holiday packages on Indian waters. These cruises will be similar to Super Star Cruises but they will venture into international waters and reach Sri Lanka. It sounds extremely exciting.

India is surrounded by seas on three sides, yet it has taken so long to launch super luxury cruises from different ports. It is good news indeed to know Chennai will dock its own luxury cruise liners. These luxury liners will offer world class facilities for 1,200 travellers on board. The super luxury liners will have tennis and basketball court apart from swimming pool. The European liner will also have super cool entertainment options which are being kept under wraps. Apart from sailing to Sri Lanka, there will local small tours too. Tourists and residents of Chennai can also opt for weekend tour into international waters as well.

One really hopes many more luxury liners and luxury cruises will be launched from rest other ports of India and they will add much revenue to tourism industry as well.

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