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American Express Enters Luxury French Goods Market at Vente Privee

The vente-privee.com is a website which organises thirteen million member’s event based sales. One billion dollar worth of goods are already sold to European consumers. It features wide range of categories including all major brands of globe. The categorical range go right up from fashion to sports products, electronics to home ware. It offers members 50-70 percent discounts. Without compulsion to buy anybody could register at vente-privee.com which was founded in 2001.

The AmEx’s main goal is to expand e-commerce business. Thousands of American guys would love to have their transaction with the Amex- American Express cards as it is user friendly. The online business is quite popular; make them to accept on line- shopping, gaming which can be done at home, office, or any other place of choice, and also encourage them to quit their conventional, traditional method of shopping.

American express concentrates on expanding its lender’s e-commerce business, whereas the shopping site, vente-privee.com needs American customers for its French based luxury items. Now both of them together would like to enter into a partnership, to expand luxury shopping sites to US shoppers. Each has fifty percent ownership, but has not disclosed the financial position of their deal.

AmEx, to get more business from wealthy customers, is opting for online and mobile commerce in the process of transaction. AmEx is much impressed by the customer service of vente-privee.com and luxury marketing technology.

Vente-privee.com allows selling of excess of designer goods to its members, after the arrival of new stocks without causing any damage to designer brands at heavy discounts.

Via: Reuters

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