Alexander McQueen Resin and Leather Sandals are Sculpture Under Your Feet

When you see the Resin and leather sandals that look like an intricate piece of sculpture the first thought that comes to your mind is that they do full justice to the name of the design genius Alexander McQueen. He would have been proud to give his name to this unique, artistic creation. These sandals are a part of the latest Alexander McQueen high summer collection. You will actually have to see the sandals to believe that a sandal can also look like that, so sublimely beautiful.

These sandals are a perfect example of art meeting high fashion and right under your feet. The heels have been created with sculpted leaf that is visually so stunning that it could right fully claim a place in any art museum. The height of the heel is about 6 inches and feels very comfortable as it comes with a 1.5 inch platform. The sandals look so artistically fine that the entire get up will have to be coordinated carefully as it cannot be worn with any dress. The whole look has to be right up there to justify wearing a sandal of this class.

Every detail of the sandal has been worked upon artistically. Not just the sculpted leaf trim but the bronze buckle ankle straps and the round toe have been put together to create a work of art. It will require a draped dress and a crystal encrusted clutch to carry it off. The price less piece of wearable art has been priced at $3,495 for a pair. Personally, I will not be surprised if the value of the Alexander McQueen Resin and Leather sandal goes up over time and you have to bid for them in an auction.

Via: net-a-porter

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