Airlines Rated on the Entire Experience they Provide to their Passengers

Airline Quality Rating has released its results. The airlines who occupy the top positions on the list are not those who are associated with a luxurious experience. The criterion for evaluating the quality of an airline for AQR is not luxury. According to them the airlines in the ranking consistently keep their flights on time, offer good in flight service and have the least number of baggage claims. In short, the basis of ranking is efficiency of operations and not the creation of an experience.

Hawaiian Airlines has been ranked at the top. Air Tran Airways, Jet Blue and North West Airlines are next in the rankings. You can’t expect extravagance and luxury travel experience from these airlines as their focus is on basics and not on the whole package. If you are looking for luxurious service you must check out the rankings by Exec Digital who have rated the airlines on the whole where flight is just one part of the experience.

Exec Digital has rated Qatar on the top. There five star dining is rated the best in the airline industry. Its seats are spacious and the service is above par. It is rated the top airline for VIP passengers. Emirates also has caviar and Dom Perignon. Its first class section boasts of mini suites with sliding doors for total privacy. Singapore Airlines has a history of first class service. They also offer Dom Perignon on arrival and provide Givenchy sleep suits for long flights. You can choose depending on your priorities.


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