Adam Krehbiel Unveils the Limited Edition MotoX Throne

Adam Krehbiel has designed the cool looking MotoX Throne for Veraseri Designs. This weird vehicle is apparently comfortable and would let you speed through any terrain that you would wish to. It comes with a crossbow orientation that offers stability and a cool look. It took the guys almost 9 months to deliver this baby, and it would cost $9,900.

The idea was to symbolize a rider’s life and that too in the mining enclaves of Australia in Alice Springs. It would be an amazing ride across the Australian outback thanks to the Defcon Form seat bodies which offer great comfort and sophistication. It is also very ergonomic in nature and you could ride the pony with the best possible comfort ever. The vehicle is coloured by the minerals that are found in the dark mines of Alice Springs, where temperatures can reach well above 50 degrees in shade.

The MotoX Throne is one helluva vehicle that surpasses all expectations and everything could be gauged by its design and the way it attracts you the moment you look at it. The coolest thing about this is that only two of these are made so you would be competing with a lot of people in order to buy it. If you really do want to buy it, you might have to hurry up and see if you are lucky enough! So go ahead, and try your luck, for I am sure once you get it you would be a proud owner of a MotoX, which is an achievement in itself.

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  • I’ll bet it’s very comfortable. It looks like it has a heavy duty shock absorber in the rear. I think the colors are very warm and sharp. Thanks for showing us this.

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