Acme Studios Dedicates Limited Edition Writing Instruments to the Beatles

There is no way one can thank Beatles enough for its outstanding contribution to the pop music industry. The name that sold over infinite copies will now be used by Acme Studio to sell writing instruments and to achieve this Acme Studio had to collaborate with Apple Corps Ltd. This could be your only chance at revering the legendary band by keeping these pens in your pockets as its memorabilia. As you might have guessed these writing instruments are limited editions, but there is no room for disappointment as the name “Beatles” is associated with it, there are pens which are also available as open editions!

“The Beatles” set contains four regal pens and the “Year Pens” collection is redolent of each year the group was together from 1962 to 1970, this collection is limited to 600 pieces and is priced at $450. The “Album Pen Sets” comprises of Business Card Sets and Pen which reflect each of the 13 UK albums released, this is limited to 1000 sets and is priced at $130. “Invasion” collection comprises of pens which are interchangeable from fountain to roller and are limited edition of 1964, the prime of Beatles, it is priced at $130 for each pen.

That is not it, this collection also has 1000 limited edition Beatles watches and open edition eyeglass cases. These goodies are available at Unica Home and are scheduled to begin delivery in August, 2011.

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