Acabion’s Cars Of The Future To Hit The Roads In 2015

Round the globe in two hours. That sounds like the name of the latest sci-fi best-seller, doesn’t it? This is no fiction, however. Swiss company Acabion is developing vehicles of the future that can circle the world in two hours and transport commuters to any part of the world in an hour or less. These will travel through vacuum tubes, a sort of “traffic internet” connecting different parts of the world.

Led by Peter Maskus, a former engineer with Porsche, BMW and Ferrari, Acabion is working on the next generation of automobiles that are capable of tube travel. The coolest thing is that Acabion is targeting 2015 as the year when the “streamliners” can be handed over to the public. The “traffic internet” of intercontinental vacuum tubes will take a lot longer though.

Acabion’s futurist vehicles are a cross between sports bikes and fighter jets. Although these new vehicles will be able to drive over existing roads, their speed potential would be wasted in the absence of automated elevated tracks over highways.

Currently, Acabion is developing the $15 million GTBO VIII “da Vinci”. This is a fully electric vehicle with twenty times the efficiency of today’s electronic cars. It should be able to reach speeds of up to 375mph.

Apart from this, Acabion already has a line-up of custom-made streamliners. Interested parties can purchase an Acabion GTBO for $2.5 million. Those who cannot afford such prices need not despair. As mass production sets in and prices drop, there is sure to be budget streamliners for the rest of us.


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