Absolut Vodka Goes Black And There Is No Going Back!

Absolut Vodka will now be seen in a different design, as Philipp Plein , a Swedish designer, will now be designing bottles for the legendary brand. As of the now, 100 bottles have been created by the artist and even though the bottles become empty they surely will become a collector’s item.

The new voguish designs are not only expected to increase the sales of the vodka bottles but will also mark the brand as a highly sophisticated brand. Each of the 100 bottles created by the designer will be used for the promotion of the brand and eventually they will be sold off.

The Swarovski crystals encrusted on the bottles have added that extra glitter to the prestige of the bottles. The sketch of a skull made by these Swarovski crystals certainly has some significance, as the percentage of alcohol in these new bottles is up to 50 degrees!

There is one tiny thing that might bother you, these limited edition bottles will only be available at the Swedish designer’s shop and can be purchased online for 100 euros, an amount which the designer describes as “modest”. Guess he was high on vodka while making this statement!

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