A platinum football to celebrate the FIFA World Cup

With the FIFA 2010 World Cup kicking off, all sorts of things have come out. There was even a perfume that smelled like a stadium! I mean c’mon! Now there is a platinum football. Yes, a 3 pound football has been made by pure platinum to celebrate the world cup, which is taking place in the country that happens to be the world’s largest producer of the metal. My God! The country has got it all! The diamonds, the gold, and now platinum!

The precious ball costs $218,000 and the money from its auction was given to a charity. But this is not the first time that the football is being made from a precious metal. In the 1998 World Cup in Japan, a similar ball was made by the metal par excellence. Then in 1990, the football received a Midas touch at the World cup held in Italy, where this ball was gifted to Baresi who was voted the best player that year.

Considering that South Africa is also a major diamond producer, why not a diamond football? Who knows, maybe they will be crazy enough to make one for the next World Cup!

Via: Veraclasse

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