A piano that transforms into a cupboard!

A piano that transforms into a cupboard! Yes you got that right. Students of the Industrial Design department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, have come up with this utterly unique and interesting concept. The task was to come up with a futuristic design for the traditional Viennese piano manufacturer Boesendorfer. And this truly does seem very futuristic.
This concept piano has looks like a Grand Piano and can be transformed to look like a cupboard when one is not creating melodious tunes on the musical instrument.The piano can be moved to an upright position to look like a cupboard that can store books, dishes, and whatever else.
The inspiration for this creation came from the superhit movie “The Transformers”, in which robots can shift shapes and become anything from cars to planes. Christened “Bösendorfer Transformer Grand Piano”, the design is still in its concept stage. But considering the novelty of the idea, the Viennese piano manufacturer Boesendorfer would surely take it up and make it into a tangible reality.
Though the piano hasn’t even come come, the prospective manufacturers have already set a price on the Grand Piano at $172,000. Now if that adds up to your budget for a piano and a new cupboard, then probably wait for a few more days till the piano is actually produced. It will be a space saver too!

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