A Personality Quiz To Help You Plan Your Next Luxury Vacation

Everyone loves a personality quiz. From “What color is your aura?” to “What is your style personality?” to “Who were you in your last life?” there is a personality quiz to suit every taste. And now, catering to the luxury globetrotters of the world is a new quiz: “What room are you?”

The personality quiz is the latest addition on Paris-based website CheckYourRoom.com, a hotel booking site that claims to feature over 250 of the best luxury hotels of the world, each of them “carefully handpicked”. Their new “What room are you?” quiz is basically another of those personality quizzes that promises to select the ideal hotel room for you. All you have to do is answer multiple-choice questions ranging from “What is your dream car?” to “Who is your hero?” to “What is your fashion style?” Once you are done, the site will inform you what kind of room is perfect for you. I was told that I am the “classic room” because “you have a fondness for antiques and prefer elegant period-styled hotel rooms”. The other room types are modern, adventurous and romantic.

But in addition to the specific room type, the site also throws up a list of suitable luxury hotel rooms. It is a great new way to plan your next luxury vacation. But it is not the only way, mind you. You can also look for rooms based on destination, price, room type and so on. Or use the site to contact a real-life Room Concierge after filling out their travel profile form. Most rooms featured here are in European luxury hotels charging upwards of 200 euros though.

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