A Determined And Ready To Go Paris…Hilton Enjoys Being Single

The beautiful blonde is talking about her again. Paris Hilton the young, beautiful and seductive and apparently grown up now has decided about her future. Who did go through a break up in their life and felt the blues but when we speak of our Paris, she is strong and got over it.

After all the rumors Paris Hilton has confessed that she is done and recovered from her ex Doug Reinhardt. It is better to be alone than in bad company and that is exactly what Paris wants to portrait. This is a surprise because we had carefully prepared ourselves for a wedding ring, the wedding bell high up this year but that unfortunately will not be the case. Every story has a happy ending though but the gorgeous Paris remains strong and practical as she is and she decided it would be better to be alone for the moment. Finally, Hilton finally became conscious that the family and the job are very important and want to take time for the next prince charming even if it seems that the proposals have been pouring in, the 29 year old Paris Hilton prefers to wait.

It may be that life does not really go the way we plan it but does not mean we need to give it all up and Hilton has understood that part of the lesson and seems to be eager to work things out, so all’s well that ends well.


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