A coffee machine that already knows your favourite brew!

This seems like something from a futuristic movie. Coffee machines with finger print identification. Yes that is right. Saeco has brought out the Xelsis Digital ID coffee machine that makes your favourite coffee by merely putting your finger on the fingerprint scanner. Sounds pretty cool. Now one does not have to have to browse through a long list to get your preferred choice of caffeine.

The coffee machine pre-programmes the choice with the help of its software. Gone are the days when fingerprint identification was used for security or forensic purposes. But this is quite a stretch of that technology. One drawback about this machine is that only six people can feed in the information. The rest would have to scroll the list to get their brew. Another problem I think could come up is that those few whose favourite coffees are already recorded on the coffee machine will have to get someone else for the fingerprint in case they want a different beverage!

But the machine has other features as well, such as timer programming, automatic descaling and self-cleaning of the machine, plus an additional powder container. This interesting coffee machine is already available in the market for $2500.

Via: Apnoti

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