A Car that Doubles Up as the World's Most Expensive Mirror

If you were wondering what could be the best gift you could give your wife, you should think about buying a car. Specifically you should think about buying a car like the Mini Cooper which costs £30,000. Ian Grice recently paid that amount and bought the car for £30,000 but is unable to let his wife drive it as they cannot get it insured.

The problem is that the car is not getting insured as they insurance companies believe it is too delicate and pricey and would eventually be damaged. The car comes with the world’s most expensive mirror in a weird sense of humour. All that they can do with the car is use it as a mirror for it reflects the human face in perfection.

However, since it is so shiny and is almost like a mirror, the car insurance companies are not going to insure it and some have even suggested it is a good target for thieves. So the next time you try and buy something outrageous just because you have the money, think again. It just may end up in a corner and be used for purposes that it was not originally intended for.


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  • What a classic! Leave it to the insurance yo-yos to whif at this. My head says they could’ve and should’ve found a policy to fit it, even if it was a bit spendy. The car was, so I’m guessing they could afford it. Still, even parked, a cool looking Mini!!! Good luck with it!

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