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A Blade That Brings Out the Chic Killer in You

Agree it or not, the whole business of yachts and sailing on the sea has always been associated to sophistication, with companies striving to make it even classier, Testa Motari has designed a blade which will not only add that extra sheen to a sailor’s closet of accessories but will also be a collector’ item.

This uber classy blade has been made by Testa Motari in collaboration with the Hubolt. When designers of such stature join hands, the products have to be synonymous with opulence. To be very honest, if I were the owner of this blade, I would treasure it in a safe!

The blade is made of damask steel, hand-forged by the designers themselves. It also has 750 yellow gold screws which will shine with the sparkle of its mother-of-pearl handle. It gets even better, there is a hand-worked tourbillon set on the hinge of this blade, and this set has a sapphire glass cover over it. There is still more to it, you get a complimentary Hublot automatic watch, which dons a chic combination of damask steel with white rubber straps.

You need not be a rocket scientist to guess the cost of this creation, it is an astronomical amount!

via: testa-motari

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