A bathtub, shower, TV and Radio: All in one!

Now here is an innovation that seems quite obvious to us but cant really figure out why it hadnt come out before! A bathtub with a shower. Seems simple enough. But this latest tub cum shower from Gemy is not that simple. It super duper cool.
Its got an acrylic massage bathtub featuring a built-in thermostat, computer control, intelligent water level check to make sure that the water level does not go too high or too low, ozone sterilizing that keeps the water clean , massage jets to give you a rejuvenating showering experience, two headrests for extra comfort and automatic clean system that makes sure that you dont have to worry about cleaning up the mess after a wonderful bathing experience.  If this wasnt enough, it has an entertainment system as well! This includes a 15-inch LCD TV and an FM radio system.
Here is something that will keep you in the bathroom for hours. The company’s tagline is “Inspiring water fashion”; it sure is inspiring to see such innovation and it will definitely be fashionable (water is more than taken care of). These days, there seems to be no dearth of innovations that make our lifestyles more and more convenient, fun and at the same time, do not require too much space. This shower plus bathtub does exactly that. It also has a very sleek look that will definitely make it something to talk about. Thumbs up from me!

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