5.5 Designers Create Gorgeous Radiators for Saazs

Design is about making an everyday utility product beautiful. We know it is not the season to talk about heaters but 5.5 Designers have designed such a beautiful line of heaters that you simply can’t resist talking about it. The line of heaters called Matières à Chaud, which if literally translated means hot matters, has been developed by the French innovation company Saazs. These radiators have also incorporated an innovative heat conducting technology to generate enough warmth for a room from a single sheet of glass which is just half an inch thick.

The concept behind the innovation is simple as they normally are. A thin metal coating inside the glass, called Quantum Glass, emits infrared rays when electrical current is passed through it. So all you have to do is plug it in and enjoy the warmth of infrared rays which is the same as radiated by the sun. Since it is activated by electrical current you can control and regulate it with a thermostat or a digital controller. It is very effective as a radiator and yet the hardware is practically invisible. It is a minimalist’s dream come true.

With electrical equipments like this one needs to be careful to avoid any accidents. And the 5.5 Designers’ genius comes into play here. They have decked out the glass in rods of steel and wood and marble to prevent any unfortunate accidents. They have used such bright and cheerful colors that the wooden radiators could almost pass for forests in spring bloom. The radiators were launched last month during the Milan Design Week. They have been priced at 2,450 euros which are equivalent to $3,640 approximately at the current exchange rate.

Via: fastcodesign

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