40 More Luxury Hotels Planned For India By JW Marriott Hotels

One of the foremost leaders in luxury hotels and the hospitality industry, JW Marriott Hotels has now announced its intentions of constructing 40 more new hotels in India by the year 2013 and as per Marriott administration, the hotel giant is expecting to create at least give new hotels by the end of this year. These new hotels have been targeted for Indian metropolitan cities, such as Chennai, Bangalore, Pune (two) and Chandigarh and the management is also planning to open two Marriott Courtyard in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

JW Marriott Hotels already own six Marriott Courtyard in India and is expecting to take that count to eight Marriott Courtyards. Along with the Courtyard, Marriott has also planned an expansion in regards to the availability of rooms in its hotels. So far, JW Marriott has about 2,500 operational rooms counting all its hotels in India and the company is planning to add another 4,500 rooms by the end of this year and take that number to upto 10,000 rooms over a period of three years.

Also, the number of employees hired by JW Marriott is also expected to be increased significantly, as the company is planning an additional 3,000 more professionals, adding them to their current count of 2,500 employees. The proposed luxury hotel in Chandigarh will be given 175 rooms with a variety of restaurants, bars, lounges and other facilities and the hotel to be constructed in Chennai will be have 175 rooms along with other facilities.

Via Gadling & Business Standard

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