1925 Rolls Royce Phantom Of Maharaja Umed Singh II Now Up For Auction For $1 Million

In today’s world of high performance sports cars and luxury sedans, auto enthusiasts are now more inclined towards the acquisition of vintage cars that in their days of glory exulted royalty and an unmatched class. This new trend has now caught so up with the current modern times that these classic cars are leaving behind some of the best known vehicles of the 21st century in terms of price tags. Now, a 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom that belonged to Maharaja Umed Singh II has been set up for auction by the prestigious auction house, Bonhams and this classic vehicle is expected to fetch as much as a million dollars. This magnificent car, which is basically a 1925 Torpedo Tourer or ‘Tiger Car‘ was custom designed and developed for the Maharaja who used the vehicle for hunting tigers. The Annual Bonhams Auction is scheduled to take place in the month of August this year on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

The remarkable 1925 Torpedo Tourer that is being put up for auction comes complete with a large-calibre gun, as well as bird guns, rifles and shotguns mounted in the cabin and, at the rear. As this car was used purely for hunting purposes, the Maharaja had even incorporated a Bira .450-caliber hand-cranked machine gun that was used to hunt the extremely agile Royal Bengal tigers. The 1925 Torpedo Tourer is powered by its original 8-litre, 6-cylinder engine giving a vehicle a top speed of 88mph. As per the proven legends associated with the vehicle, this custom designed 1925 Torpedo Tourer carriers in its interior a Chubb safe that was used to keep compensatory money in case any of the assistants suffered a fatal incident during the hunting.

According to David Swig (Specialist, Bonhams),

“There was no going to the dealership and just picking out a Phantom in a color you liked. They were built to order. Many maharajahs built cars like this.”

Via Art Daily

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