12-Day Danube River Cruise Offers Central European Fare

Tauck has announced cool river cruises along the river Danube, and they have also announced special discounts for large groups and also for single travellers. The package consists of a river cruise around the central European countries covering Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia for 12 days at an affordable price.

Sometimes they offer the lowest prices on riverboat cruising to families as well, during certain seasons and also on specific dates. The river Danube flows through and also acts as the border for ten countries. You could enter the medieval castles; take a look at the monuments, villages, and pretty towns in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

You could also enjoy an evening with Mozart’s music in his hometown, Salzburg (where Salzach flows, and not Danube) and have your dinner at Vienna. With its palaces, glass windows and architectural grandeur, Central Europe beckons you to walk around its capital cities and walk along the bridges, visit ancient museums, libraries, cathedrals, and also palaces from the Austro-Hungarian and Hapsburg dynasties. The river cruise costs $3,990 and runs for a period of 12 days.


Via: Luxury Tour

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