“Magic Swim” inflatable pool makes marine recreation safer and more fun

I don’t know about you but I am no mermaid. It is a bit embarrassing to admit but I happen to be shit scared of going into the sea. Not only is the water endlessly deep, there are also a number of aquatic creatures who aren’t all that friendly. But despite that, I still feel like going into the deep blue ocean from time to time because it’s just so amazing!

Euroship has come as an answered prayer for people like me with its pool float called “Magic Swim” (Anything that makes me go for a swim in the middle of the ocean is magic allright). This design will ensure that you have fun without getting eaten up by a shark or stung by a jellyfish. Yippie!

Ok so this is how it works; just connect the peaks of the boat to the steam on this pool float. It can be installed in just five minutes. Since it is made of PVC material weighing around 25 to 30kg is not too heavy and the material will not break too easily. The sea water enters through the holes that are covered with grids that bar the marine creatures from entering. This concept is similar to the retractable pool brought by Atreides luxury yacht, but this one seems more affordable for all of us.

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