‘Viewpoints of Millions’ by David Datuna being Exhibited at the Westwood Gallery

David Datuna is a self taught artist but truly a unique visionary. His art is dynamic and expressive. His use of simple shapes and limited color schemes reflects beautifully the fast paced urban life of a big city. Datuna migrated to the United States from Tbilisi, Georgia. He started painting, influenced by the modern art of New York and a new environment. His works have been part of some prestigious exhibitions around the world. Now with his new series on fashion brand logos he should now be visible at luxury exhibitions as well. He is a member of the Moscow Art Association and the International Art Fund. His new works are being exhibited at the Westwood Gallery as a collection being called ‘Viewpoints of Millions’.

The gallery had organized a special preview for the press and the critics. David’s work in the exhibition includes his traditional flags but his works always tell a story. His stories wrapped in frames become an optical illusion that has great impact on the viewer if he gets the story. His work doesn’t only make a political comment but a cultural and social comment as well. He now has a new series of fashion logos for the luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Versace. The piece on fashion brand Chanel makes you curious if Karl Lagerfeld has seen it or not. David reveals that the artwork was made for him and he actually loved it. He also said that he believes in sustainable luxury.

Datuna uses personal eyeglasses as a point of view and covers an image with various lenses that changes the image completely. His flags also look like a unifying symbol from far but as you get closer it becomes a collage of newspaper headlines from culture to pop culture to political, as well as images of celebrities like Muhammad Ali to Madonna. David Datuna’s art is extraordinary and fun to look at. It is interesting because it is trying to tell a story. It is moving as it makes a comment that hits the nail on the head.

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